A walk through the Rhineland  A small group of about 15 members of the club took advantage of the opportunity to delve deeper into the diverse history of the region. The interactive tour of the roots of economic and cultural change in Germany in what is one of UNESCOs most recently recognized World Heritage Sites of Zeche Zollverein is pleasing to both the senses and the mind. Zeche Zollverein’s history began in its walk of fame through industrializing Europe in 1847. Soon the site was to become the main contestor for the largest coal choking plant in Europe and certainy the most productive. Shaft number 12 was addded in the late 20th century and became famous as being the most beautiful coal mine in the world, thanks to it having being built in bauhaus style. The Zeche now hosts the largest and most complex collection of items that have characterized the region for centuries. Zeche Zollverein Zeche Zollverein is a marvelous museum that provides an inkling of the diverse culture that has taken root in the Rhineland. The International Club of Düsseldorf e.V. since 1968 International Club Düsseldorf  e.V. Entrance to Zeche Zollverein Museum Go to the official Website of the Museum!