The Organisation   The club has grown from a small group of ladies into one of far more than 180 members  during its peek years, representing more than 40 nationalities. Please join us on an account  of two members on important milestones of the club. Apart from providing a friendly  environment to meet other internationally-minded individuals, the club takes great interest in  charity work. Our members assist the community with utmost dedication, not only raising  money but also tackling the problems directly to the highest degree. Meeting Düsseldorf’s vibrant international community As the capital of one of the most populous counties of Germany, Düsseldorf enjoys the  diversity of a lively international community. When previously the infamous ‘Radschläger’  would roam around the streets of the city alone, he now enjoys the company of many  English, French, American, Japanese and Turkish nationals. Düsseldorf has long  transformed to stage international correspondence and cooperation. The International Club  of Düsseldorf e.V. embodies this movement within its dynamic and friendly organization.  Helping the community Over the years the club has been involved in an innumerable number of charitable projects.  The aim has always been to make useful donations that help to serve a specific purpose or  fund a particular project. For instance, the club has oftentimes donated certain sums of  money raised at events and by various sponsors to purchase technology required to improve the treatment of sicknesses of both physical and psychological nature in hospitals in and  around Düsseldorf. For more information please click “See Milestones” or to see an  overview of organizations that have profited from the club’s donations in the past, click the  “Charity Work” link. The Club “Always do right. This will gratify some people and astonish the rest.”                                                                                      -  Mark Twain International Club Düsseldorf  e.V. The International Club of Düsseldorf e.V. since 1968 Unsere besondere Aufmerksamkeit werden wir in diesem Jahr „starken Frauen“  widmen, die  in Kultur, Wirtschaft und Politik, aber auch im persönlichen und privaten Umfeld Besonderes leisten. - Board, 2011