An old sketch of Düsseldorf by Matthäus Merian (1647) The City When words leave off, music begins.    - Heinrich Heine An international experience Voted recently as the 6th most comfortable place to live in the  world, Düsseldorf prides itself on a long history at the nucleus of  Germany’s industrial and cultural centre that is the Rhineland.  Culture of the Rhineland The culture of the Rhineland has been very much formed by the  economic success of the region, starting during the late industrial  revolution in the 18th century. However, even long before that,  the Rhineland was a cultural centre of Europe.  Simply Beautiful Düsseldorf enjoys the status as one of the cleansest and most  organized cities in Europe. Centred around the Altstadt (Old city  centre) an economic stronghold has blossomed, with innumerable  sights such has the Königsallee, Rheinwiesen and Hafen area.  Heinrich Heine Düsseldorf International Club Düsseldorf  e.V. An aesthetically pleasing building near the downtown Hafen area. CLICK The International Club of Düsseldorf e.V. since 1968