The Board Every two years the Club votes to elect a board of President and two Vice-Presidents who are responsible for organizing events and managing the affairs of the club within the city. The club has been growing over the years  In its long history since 1968, the International Club of Düsseldorf e.V. has seen much growth. Former MP of North Rhine-Westphalia described this long, dynamic history as the base on which “bridges of friendship and companionship were built, proving to be sturdy and unyielding to crisis.” Birgit Tönnesmann President Elizabeth Thannhäuser Vice-President Eleonore Strutz Vice-President The International Club of Düsseldorf e.V. since 1968 International Club Düsseldorf  e.V. Presidents of the Club 1968-1970 Hildegard McNaughton-Bömke 1970-1972 Linda Dustmann 1971-1972 Gertrude von Bülow 1972-1973 Magda Weber 1973-1974 Liselott Bünger 1974-1975 Ilse Bumm 1975-1976 Gertrude von Bülow 1976-1978 Madeleine Lehrell 1978-1980 Hildegard McNaughton-Bömke 1980-1982 Ingeborg Grothgar 1982-1984 Hannelore Geginat 1984-1986 Maria Kiviharju-Wiebenga 1986-1988 Hildegard McNaughton-Bömke 1988-1990 Britt Marie Kallenbach 1990-1992 Dr. Astrid von Pichler 1992-1994 Mary Ann Böhlhoff 1994-1996 Almut Kollar 1997-1998 Dr. Astrid von Pichler 1999-2000 Cristina Westermeyer 2001-2004 Ingeborg Althoff 2005-2006 Frances von Bonin-Schlemmer 2007-2010 Anna Threse Dreyer 2011-Present Birgit Tönnesmann Portrait of Johann Wilhelm II and his second consort Anna Maria Louisa de'Medici Ingrid Jablonski Board Member Monika Glaubitz-Becker Board Member Florence Hamels Board Member